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SCF Paracykel Social Ride på Zwift 20 april

Plats: Zwift
När: 20 april 2021
Kategori: Paracykel


Welcome to join this para cycling social ride hosted by the Swedish Cycling Federation. This is a serie of 7 events so please join us every Tuesdays from March 23 to April 20.

One purpose of this event is to promote and give possibilities for para cyclists to train together. But we also want to welcome non-disabled cyclists to ride with us. Take the opportunity to ask questions about para cycling in general or just chat about the weather, your next race or food.

Ride leaders are cyclists and team managers of the Swedish para cycling national team.

This ride is configured with rubber band so that everyone stays together the whole ride regardless of power output. That is an excellent way to keep the group of handcycles, tricycles, racers and tandems together. Only if you stop pedaling and fall 6 meters behind the group will the rubber-banding stop.

Cyclist from all over the world are of course welcome. We will write in English in all Zwift messages.

We are also using a Discord channel for our Swedish cyclists to give information about what is happening within para cycling in Sweden. This will be like our Podcast channel.

You can find the Discord channel and more information about para cycling in Sweden on our social platforms.